Friday, May 15, 2020

If the wind blows wrong

While most of the rest of the world is struggling with making life or death decisions around how to deal with Covid-19, from the treatment of elders to how to safely try to reopen the economy, Trump can't truly concentrate on this because he is so distracted with trying to pin the entire world health and economic disaster on China. He must somehow detract from his own magnificent failures as a leader in a time of such crisis so he is deliberately creating a scenario he hopes might work. This is to accuse China of some how deliberately creating a bio-weapon and letting it loose into the world at large in order to gain world power.


Trump somehow seems to think that if he just thinks something, he doesn't even have to believe it, but just thinks it,tweets it, and says so to the media then it will be true, or come true. And if it didn't come true when he said the Covid-19 was a mild flu, maybe people will forget that, and believe that the world health and economic disasters are all China's fault if he and the other magical thinkers he surrounds himself with will just keep saying so.


Many Canadians are doing some straight thinking and decision making ourselves and encouraging our Prime Minister Trudeau to do the right thing and keep our borders with the US closed indefinitely except for essential goods. Many Americans are too angry and have too many guns, never mind trying to keep them in isolation for two weeks. And in my opinion, the Trump government along with the body of US intelligence, would not be sorry to see the wind blowing the wrong way with some serious disturbances happening along our borders. This would provide an opportunity for the US military to cross the border to quell the disturbances and once in, take an inventory of all our water, woods, oil, and perhaps dispute our claims to the North West Passage. Am I being ridiculous? Next time.

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