Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Living in the foothills of the Great Reset


It all sounds so simple and easy and humanitarian. A digital dollar is just what Canadians need. No more dependence on fiat currency (a fiat currency is paper money with nothing to back it up but public confidence that it is worth something). Our dollar at one time was backed by gold, so that public confidence was assured that the Canadian dollar was as “good as gold”. But as the Bank of Canada has sold all of our gold on public auction (I personally suspect there was not much public to it but sold to other European banking institutions) and as our politicians clamour for ever more printing of the fiat paper money, something must be done. We are waking up to the fact that something is indeed “rotten” in Denmark. Actually, the rotten part lives in Davos, Switzerland, where the Central Bankers of Europe and North American go to figure out how to carve out the rest of the world to better protect their own massive, unbelievable wealth. Enter the Great Reset. First, the Great Reset is a European invention. It was announced by a meeting of international bankers last year. But what is it?


First, it’s a new digital banking system. Everybody will have a “wallet” with our name and number that will allow us to deal directly with The Bank of Canada, side stepping all of the other private chartered banks. We will each have a Bank of Canada account. And what goes into these wallets? Well, every single transaction. In the US the wallets will enable US citizens to have a Federal Reserve Account, dealing directly with the feds. Most Europeans will also have accounts with their central banks, again side-stepping private or co-operative banks.


A guaranteed annual Income also comes with the Great Reset. And isn’t that a good thing that poor people and struggling middle class people don’t have to worry in this climate of shuts down about how they’re going to pay rent and put food on the table? Not necessarily. As so many people are still not working full time, much of the monies received by individual Canadians will be from the Bank of Canada. Where will Bank of Canada get the money? Why fiat money of course – they will just make more.


There is one thing we can count on.  We will all be under surveillance like we’ve never been before. The Bank of Canada will become synonymous (as it already has) with the Canadian government and will be privy to every single transaction we make. So what, one may ask. We’re all spied upon anyway.  Not to this extent, we’re not. We’re only in the foothills of the mountains of change that are coming. Next time.

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  1. What happens to our life savings we have been encouraged to accumulate to pay for retirement? What happens to investors and investing?