Friday, January 27, 2023

The Three Treasonous Amigos of Canada’s Demise as a Sovereign Country


The Three Treasonous Amigos of Canada’s Demise as a Sovereign Country

Betty Krawczyk here.

Okay, so I have already accused Chrystia Freeland of treason by virtue of her being in the same bucket of constitutional crime as Justin Trudeau, and part and parcel of his vision for a financial global reset and a world dominated by the World Economic Forum. Madam Freeland sits on the board of the WEF and shares the same vision of a world run by a special handful of special people as they vision themselves to be . They share the same contempt for common Canadian citizens who need to be thinned out, in their opinion, as “useless eaters”. But who is the third Treasonous Amigo in Canada who is in the process of giving Canada away to the most evil forces of globalism, wokeism, fascism, and the financial ruin and planned destruction of Canada ? Do you know? Of course you do. It’s the NDP federal leader Jagmeet Singh.

It is Singh who is holding tightly to the entire stinking mess of Trudeau’s policies. And it is Singh who like any accomplice in a murder charge, must eventually be held accountable for the death of Canada as a sovereign nation if this does indeed occur. Jagmeet Singh thinks that his fame and fortune lies with gluing himself to Justin Trudeau. Bing a trembling weak puppy himself he thinks by gluing himself to Justin, whom he sees as being strong and rich and in with the world’s strongest and wealthiest people, that this strategy will lead him and his party to being winners with Justin Trudeau. He has no notion that this strategy may wind up with him sanding next to his beloved Justin in the gallows, at least figuratively speaking. But they will all three go down together, drowning in their Just Transition, wokeism culture and total financial ruin of Canada. Why do I think this?

Because something has already transpired that makes these three guilty of high crimes of treason. And what is that? Well, a follower’s long email with attachments told me of something that I haven't even been aware of, that answers most the questions I have wondered about lately. It didn’t make sense to me that Justin Trudeau seems so oblivious to the anger that he is stirring up among the Canadian people. This email I speak of explains Justin’s behaviour. He doesn’t think he will ever have to face Canadian voters. Within three years Justin Trudeau believes that Canada will no longer be a sovereign country. In fact, Canada will have no borders. Why does he think this? Next time.

Jan. 27, 2023

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