Monday, June 11, 2007

Betty Krawczyk Application for Release to be Heard Tomorrow Tuesday 12 June

Betty Krawczyk's Application for Release pending appeal will be heard tomorrow Tuesday June 12. She's served 3 months of her 10 months jail sentence time, needs to be out in order to bring her appeal to court. The Crown will be presenting a 125 page factum of reasons citing why Mrs Krawczyk shouldn't be released.
However, there will be no one at the application hearing to represent Mrs Krawczyk. The Crown has stated that she could not be there, and as Betty is self-represented, there will be no one in court to speak for her.
Mike Brundrett, the council for the Crown, is saying that Mrs Krawczyk's appeal is "frivolous". Betty's position is that the Crown's position is frivolous, because the issue that is being dealt with in this case, impacts every man, woman and child in British Columbia.
The application will be heard in the Supreme Court of Vancouver, tomorrow, Tuesday June 12th 2007. For details on time please inquire at the information counter.

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