Thursday, June 28, 2007

One Musn't Speak of Injunctions

Was I surprised at the denial of my application for Release Pending Appeal by the justice of the BC Supreme Court?
No. Not at all.
I was entirely aware when I applied that had I committed murder, or some other heinous crime against a fellow citizen, that I would have been much more likely to have gained release pending appeal.
The reality is that our BC courts don't heavily censure crimes against persons. But anything, anything at all, no matter how physically peaceful, but that in any way might threaten corporate rights, to plunder community health, social and environmental assets, will suffer the fierce and mighty fist of BC Supreme court displeasure.
This fierce and mighty fist will come down wrapped in the leaden paper of court ordered injunctions, tied with the deadly string of contempt of court charges.
And the justification?
One musn't draw attention to the fact of BC supreme court's use of injunctions to quell citizens' dissent. No, one musn't talk about injunctions at all. Especially to the press.
One may be arrested under injunctions, charged and tried under injunctions, sentenced to long prison terms, and may even die under an injunction as Harriet Nahanee died, but one musn't speak of injunctions to anyone.
Isn't that silly? Isn't that against all common sense?
And for this, I was denied release pending appeal.
So I'll be in prison for 3 more months, but that' OK. They can lock me up forever, but that still doesn't make it right for BC supreme courts to strip their citizens of their most precious hard won right :
That of freedom of speech.
Betty K


  1. Betty. Patience be with us all. I'm under the impression that the whole of suffering is rooted in naivity of the sin of pride. Pride is sin because fate is real, yet the 'crown', the thing we've been born in, promotes pride like it was a virtue. When we transcend our hate of the monster (the 'crown'/the thing that thinks that malevolent behaviour is justified in the name of 'order') we can understand that it, as well as us and everything else, is only a product of experience, then we can curb our resentment and concentrate on shining our light so much that their defences will be shattered.

    Peace and patience be with us all. Patience enough to maintain our sanities when the devil is focused on us personally.

    in freedom,

    David Arthur Johnston

    Victoria, BC, Canada

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  2. Anonymous6:02 AM

    I left my third-world country and came to Canada to grow roots in a land that justice is not just a stick in theocracy’s hand for injustice punishment of civilian. It didn’t take much to see how in Canada the justice system becomes another lash in corporatism’s hand to protect the interest of the ruling industrial complex. My grand father fought against feudalism. He once said human’s greed is a seven-headed medusa. You could cut off most of the heads of the beast but they’ll grow back if you forget about the immortal one. Then the ugliness keeps coming back and every time stronger. This time the old demon of greed is back in a modern outfit of corporations. It is here with all the fake glory to destroy the human nature and the nature of human.
    I am positive you make a difference.