Tuesday, June 02, 2009


“Into the breech, dear friends, once more into the breech”

I can’t identify who first said these words but I like them. They’re emotional words. Fighting words. There’s a struggle woven in between these words coupled with somebody’s tired determination not to give it up. And neither can we give it up. Ever. Even when things look bleak. Why? Because there aren’t any other alternatives but to keep on going. If we stop “going on” so to speak, we die.

Last Tuesday I lost my appeal in the Appeal’s Court of BC. This appeal originated in the protests and arrests in Eagleridge Bluffs which left me with a ten month’s prison sentence. Which I served. But in my appeal I said people have a right to protest needless governmental destruction of our priceless eco systems no matter how much press and media attend a protest; but the court said no, if there’s press and media attending a blockade that makes a protester guilty of criminal contempt of court and anyone who speaks to the press while on a blockade is a criminal. With a criminal mind (mens rea) no less.

This is just the most maddening thing. This means that while I was designated a criminal with a criminal mind and given a lengthy criminal sentence and sent to a place where other criminals are kept I was told by the appeals court that the term “criminal contempt” was simply a term used by BC courts but it didn’t really mean I was a regular criminal. Then how come I was tried and convicted like a regular criminal and sent off to prison? I don’t get it. I’ve come to believe that when confronted with a prisoner who has disobeyed a court order (at least a court order allowing the destruction of our environment) BC judges’ minds automatically hit a short circuit that creates some kind of cranial electrical storm. Give them mass murders any ole day, they seem to say, or extortionists, or the most vicious gang members, child pornographers, or whatever, and they will be treated much more tenderly by the courts in BC than an environmental protester.

But we can’t stop. If there is any room for me to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada I will. We must all prepare to go “into the breech, dear friends, once more into the breech”. Whenever and whatever way we can manage to do it.

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