Saturday, June 27, 2009

Marriage and Religion? Underpinnings of Global Warming?

Could it possibly be true? That marriage and religion are the twin causes of global warming? I think yes. Prior to the rise of these two patriarchal institutions, marriage and relision, women practiced birth control via the taboo system. In most ancient societies, according to social scientists, when a woman became pregnant she marked herself as being in taboo and no man could touch her until that child was weaned, usually from four to six years. The first European anthropologists who came to this continent and even down into Suth America were astonished at this birth control system that not only limited the number of children any woman had, but whose maternal and infant death rates were much better than those in Europe at the time where weatern religion and marriage had taken hold and women were bearing a dozen or more children in their lifetimes. Where ever Christianity and Islam were introduced women became baby machines as women now must by law and religion always be sexually avaliable to the men.

As the two religions spread all over the world populations exploded. The old methods of child spacing practiced by women became illegal. For practicing them women could be cast out, or killed by their husbands or other male members of their family under Islamic law and early Christian law. The degradation of women through the religous idea that women had no right to protection from men's sexual demands has lead to the earth's over population that has in turn led to the degradation of the earth itself. And perhaps to the extinction of everything that breaths.

In my opinion men as a group don't have it together now even when we're on the brink. Our forests are still falling, our water being stolen and privatized, the worst industrial polluters claiming their right to do so with a taoken payment. The future looks very grim unless, we, as women, can do what men seem unable to do. And what is that? We can raise hell. We have the computer. And each other. We can stop being wimps and start challanging government and corporations and religions in maningful ways, as women. Lt's stop being so forgiving of men who had rather watch hockey and drink beer or further their political, corporate or religious careers than seriously consider whether their childrn may survive. Women's voices have been silent too long. It's time to roar. We have a right to our anger. Betty Krawczyk

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