Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Dictators Inc.

The US despises any world leader they can’t control.  When a country displeases the US the first word they apply to the leader of said country is that of “dictator” to express evil incarnate. In some instances it can be. But not always.  Take the former Colonel Gaddafi of Libya. He was a dictator.  But he was also a socialist.  In the years before Gaddafi was disposed in a coup by a US led uprising, and his country destroyed by US led NATO bombing in 1986, he had decided to open Libya to foreign investment.  That went down well with the US.  Access to Libyan oil was a sweetener like no other.  Gaddafi went from being a vicious dictator who supported “terrorist” causes while murdering and oppressing his own people, to being considered a gentleman and true friend of the US.  But even when they were best friends with Libya the US didn’t speak of the real internal policies of Gaddafi’s government. 


Who in the West knew that under Gadhafi Libya was a secular, progressive state, the most progressive in Africa at the time?  That the Libyan people enjoyed free education, even post-secondary, and free medical care? Who knew that Libyans under Kaddafi had free electricity and dirt cheap gasoline? That mothers of newborns were given bursaries for $5,000 US? Almost nobody.   All we knew was that the US somehow made an about face, and far from being a friend of the US, Gaddafi went back to being a vicious dictator and terrorist.  He was accused of being behind multinational bombings that was never proven, the truth or falsity of them may never be satisfied.  But in some opinions, the main reason for the sacking of Libya and the murder of Kaddafi was because Gadhafi threatened the US national and international banking systems.  How did he do this?


By trying to introduce a single African currency, the African gold dinar.  We’re talking gold here, not fiat currency that we all know and love (or hate).  This would have allowed Africans to charge whatever they decided was a fair price for their precious resources and rise out of poverty. However, our very own dictators (the global western international bankers) decided this was a red line. “It has been said that the gold Dinar was the real reason for the NATO (read US) led rebellion, in a bid to oust the outspoken leader” (Global Research News, May 2014).

Go figure. Of course.  This is the same reason why the US and international banking systems loathe Russia and fear China to the point of hysteria.  It’s the new banking systems China is setting up with Russia and the other BRICK countries. China is having success in getting other countries to accept the Chinese yuan. It’s all about who controls the currencies.  That’s the reason for all the hate propaganda against Russia and China.  This is why we are told Putin is a dangerous, demented madman, a vicious dictator who eats babies (metaphorically speaking) and presents China as a kind of enormous sly, fat evil Buddha, waiting for his chance to swallow up the entire world.  Maybe things will get better when at least some of the most rabid neo-con war mongers straining at the bit for war with Russia in the Obama cabinet and present Republican congress fade into the woodwork.  Will Trump be any better?  That is, if he is actually inaugurated?  Time will tell.  But the poet Omar Khayyam cautions: “The moving finger writes and having writ, moves on…”

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