Monday, April 22, 2019

Our Trudeau Government: the experts on Venezuela

Of course, this title is sarcasm.  When Jody Wilson-Raybold and Jane Philpott vanished from Trudeau’s cabinet I think they left a serious integrity void in that make-believe feminist stronghold.  Integrity means not accepting bad ideas when you know they are bad ideas, or try to pretend you know something when you don’t.  Like our Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland. She speaks with such authority and more than a little righteous indignation when setting us all straight about Venezuela and President Maduro.  She says Maduro is an evil dictator and this is why Canada must throw our weight behind the US demand for regime change there. Regime change that must be done in order to help save the poor suffering people of Venezuela. 


I don’t buy it.  And I don’t think a lot of other Canadians do, either. Many of us think it’s about Venezuela’s extensive oil fields. But no, Freeland insists, it’s about the poor suffering people there.  That’s why Canada has had to slap on more sanctions, along with the Americans, against Venezuela. To ramp up the suffering of Venezuelans. Venezuelans will evidentially have to suffer a great deal for snubbing Trump’s choice for president of Venezuela, and for refusing to kick out Maduro.  They must be taught that Donald Trump is president of the entire world. In my opinion this is rather like a man starving a dog over an extended period of time and then deciding to shoot the dog because he looks so bad. Especially when the dog, even with his ribs sticking out, has been guarding the oil.


Donald Trump and his enforcers covet this oil.  Enforcers?  Who are they?  The men who surround Trump and threaten the rest of the world.   They act like enforcers act everywhere they are…do this or that or we will break your legs and maybe kill you and your mother. Then we will sow your fields with salt.  Or something of this nature. These men are in the news constantly making enforcer threats, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, and Elliot Abrams.  They all love to bully from the pulpit of the Pentagon with the knowledge of the full weight of American fire power behind them. Experienced enforcers all, they never met a plundering war for booty they didn’t like.  Mike Pence, US vice president is somewhat less seen before the cameras, but certainly joins in the aspirations of the rest.  His Evangelical religion allows for constant wars before the rapture can descend. Especially wars concerning Israel. Netanyahu is an honorary cheerleader of the enforcer’s club.  He depends on Trump’s enforcers to back him up while he uses live ammunition on the Palestinian protesters claiming the right of return, and bemoaning Trump’s seeming hesitation to begin bombing Iran.  Sure, they are all up for bombing Iran. They all hate Iran. But first, they dream of sacking Venezuela.  


Freeland, in Canada’s name, recognizes as president of Venezuela a brash young man who goes by the name title of Juan Guido, President of Venezuela.  President of Venezuela? Who elected him president?  Nobody in Venezuela.  Except himself.  He elected himself. But I don’t think it was really his own idea.  As brash and pompous as he is, he would not have done such a thing, or even thought of it, were he not totally sure of powerful forces behind him that could bring such a plan to fruition.  He was introduced to the world as interim president of Venezuela by the residing President of the World, Donald Trump.  Our Prime Minister, Justin Trudeau, almost fell over his own feet to be the first to follow suit. Of course our Minister of Foreign Affairs tries to make more sanctions against Venezuelans sound like a sweet, womanly thing she is doing to help the Venezuelan people.  In my opinion, Chrystia Freeland is dumber than a stick about Venezuela.  In reality, by doing her bit to try to force regime change in Venezuela she is serving Trump and his enforcers, not Canadians.  Next time…oil, class and race in Venezuela, why Maduro is holding on, and why Canadians are paying more for gas.

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  1. Betty, you rock girl! Thanks for calling it ,& keeping it real!! I concur exactly. Well said & extremely, precisely written! Great words of wisdom from a wonderful woman! Keep on blogging please? Huge hugs!!