Tuesday, December 13, 2022

Treason, Justin Trudeau, fertilizers, food Security


Treason, Justin Trudeau, fertilizers, food Security

Hello. Betty Krawczyk here. In my last post post I accused Justice Trudeau of being guilty of treason against Canada and the Canadian people. But how is treason legally defined? For starters there is the Canadian Criminal Code. The definition of Treason is listed in the CCC as (RSC, 1985,c. c-40) and reads thus ...(2) Every one commits treason who, in Canada,(a) uses force or violence for the purpose of overthrowing the government of Canada or a province.

As the mother of eight children, I have spent a good portion of my life in the kitchen. Kids must be fed. Sometimes we ate on a sparse budget, sometimes we were flush, but it was always comforting to know that we were rarely more than several miles from a grocery store. The food was there. It was just the matter of having the gas to go get it and if the oldest kid in the house with a driver’s license was home from school yet. It would have been impossible to have lived through those years so relatively untroubled with the mechanics of getting enough food; if I had lived my child rearing times now, in these times it would have been impossible. And while, at the moment, food prices seem to be going out of sight, it still seems to be there. For everyone who can afford it.

I fear for mothers (and fathers, too) everywhere who can’t afford to feed, or adequately feed their children and that food insecurity for a lot of children is on the rise, even here in Canada. And what does Justin Trudeau think about it all? Well, he certainly isn’t thinking about what the increasingly poor children of Canada are eating. He, the Prime Minister of Canada ,is thinking about the race he is in with Mark Rutte, the Prime Minister of the Netherlands, to be the first national leader to bring his or her country to it’s knees. But why is Mark Rutte and Justine Trudeau doing this? Why would they want to destroy their countries? Maybe because they have both swallowed the green pills and up their doses daily, to please their globalists tutors and masters, Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum who also works hand in hand with the European Union and United Nations.

Mark Rutt has worked hard to try to whip the Dutch farmers into taking the green pills, too, and accept fiat money for their land, but the farmers so far are retaining their grip on sanity and understand that swallowing these pills will mean the end of their industry, their history, their very livelihood and their contribution to the world; it will mean the end of them. The Dutch farmers say 6,000 of their farms are slated for governmental destruction. The excuse is too much stuff in the fertilizers that are harmful, not to humans, but to the planet. As if the two were separate entities. The Netherlands is the second largest food producer in the entire world. What will this do to the total world food production? Well, what Mark Rutt wants it to do. What the GEF and the UN and the European banks want it to do, what Justin Trudeau, Klaus Swab wants it to...decrease the world population of humans.

Justin Trudeau, of course, also wants this as he long ago predicted, that Canada would be the `first post national state,,, there is no core identity, no mainstream in Canada.` Justin Trudeau’s new policy to force Canadian farmers to cut back 30 percent on fertilizer will reduce crop yield in a world food crisis. Canada is, or used to be, a world exporter of foods like wheat, beans and peas, canola oil and seeds and sea foods. These foods are sorely needed in the world. There is nothing right about deliberating starving human populations to death because of power hungry people who consider themselves as gods, the chosen few, the only true ones who actually deserve to live.

I accuse Justin Trudeau of treason by virtue of his adoption of foreign forces and policies that include depopulation of Canadian citizens as policy that exposes our country of Canada to food insecurity that amounts to disregard of our Canadian constitution and Criminal Code and Bill of Rights. By this disregard Just Trudeau demonstrates his lack of love and care and protection for his nation’s people and shows leadership only in and under the direction of foreign entities and has committed and is committing treason by forcing the overturning of our nation of humanitarian values in favour of foreign dictators.

Betty Krawczyk Dec. 13, 2022

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