Thursday, July 14, 2011


Brain Food? Or “Frankenstein” Salmon?
es, I’m talking about sex changed fish and fish farms. Again. The Cohen Commission is presently looking at (or will look at) disease and sea lice in fish farms (data complied due to Alexandra Morton’s wonderful work) but I have come to the conclusion that the increasing practice of using sex hormones (both estrogen and testosterone are used) to actually change the sex of fish in the pens is, in my opinion, even more egregious. Why?
I am worried about the sex hormone residue in some fish farm salmon that could very well seriously impact humans. From the book Our Stolen Future by Colborn, Dumanoski, Myers, they write (Chapter Four) that…
”As early as the 1930s, researchers at Northwestern University Medical School showed that tinkering with hormone levels during pregnancy was a dangerous business, particularly for the fetus undergoing rapid development in the womb…Although estrogen at normal levels is essential for development, too much of it can wreak havoc.” But how much artificially given estrogen would a human mother have to consume from fish for it to begin to affect her fetus?
According to Dr. Fred vom Saal, quoted from the same book, Our Stolen Future, it only takes the tiniest particle of estrogen imaginable to cause havoc in the development of a human fetus in the womb:
“When considering hormones such as estradiol, the most potent estrogen, forget parts per million, or parts per billion. The concentrations are generally parts per trillion, one thousand times lower than parts per billion. One can begin to imagine a quantity so infinitesimally small by thinking of a drop of gin in a train of tank cars full of tonic. One drop in 660 tank cars would be one part in a trillion, such a train would be six miles long.”
Let’s consider this. The fish farms want only female fish in their pens because a significant number of male salmon mature early and die. That hurts the bottom line. Better to hurt something else beside the bottom line, they seem to think, like secretly experimenting with, and then producing, farmed fish that very well may still carry enough surplus artificially induced estrogen in their bodies to affect the hormonal development of humans when ingested by pregnant women. Fish farmed salmon can be made all female by direct treatment with estrogen or by treating the mother fish with testosterone to cause her to become male but to develop sperm that will be all xx.
And who would tell pregnant women about farmed fish being hormonally altered? Certainly not our governments. They are providing the funds to get modified salmon “out there. “ At least the US so far has resisted the pressures of the major fish corporation (Agua Bounty) who created “Frankenstein” Salmon as they are beginning to be called, from being FDA approved there. Do we know what’s going on here in Canada and British Columbia?
How would we know? Would our governments tell us? In a pig’s eye. They won’t even tell us what brands of Canadian corn or soy beans are genetically modified. We suspect most Canadian brands are, not because our government told us but because other nations who refuse to accept our modified grains tell us. Then why would we expect our governments to change their secretive ways over modified fish? It’s in their best interests (in their present roles as enemies of the people) to keep hormonally modified salmon a total secret. The public mustn’t know that our elected representatives’ willingness to allow genetically modified basic food stuffs now extends to, oh so recklessly, sex changing our fish with the use of sex hormones. But we, the public, do know some things. Next time.

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