Saturday, May 18, 2019

The Bright Spot

There was one bright spot in the news this week and that was the outcome of the Nanaimo-Ladysmith by-election in BC.  Paul Manly won hands down.  A Green.  Fancy that.  And not just squeaking by, either. Manly won by over 37 per cent of the vote.  And there was the suggestion (by the Globe and Mail and others) that the Greens may be more of a moving force in the coming federal election than thought possible.  And it certainly wasn’t a good sign for Justin Trudeau’s government.

I like the Green Party.  I always have.  They don’t usually lie and cheat and they don’t like war.  Am I saying that the other parties like war? Well, it seemed to me that Stephen Harper with his religious fanaticism was working toward the Rapture, and the Rapture will never come cheap.  According to Biblical interpretation, which Harper followed, there will have to be many wars going on, with Israel in the midst of them before the Rapture will come, and it takes a whole lot of money to start and keep multiple wars going. But that seems to just whet the appetite of at least three of Trump’s closest people, two of whom who also yearn for the Rapture, Sec. of State Mike Pompeo, and John Bolton, national security adviser. Special Envoy to Venezuela Elliott Abrams, being of Jewish ancestry, probably isn’t of the Rapture persuasion, as far as I know, but is probably glad the others are, as he seems to just simply like war and the carnage that war brings.   He has been the proponent of so many of the wars of Regime Change. These three men would like to go straight to their target and bomb the hell out of Iran.  And if Trump may have seemed a little reluctant at first, they have persuaded him that attacking Iran is a necessity.  And I am sure Trump remembers vividly how all parties and the media got on board when he authorized the bombing in Syria. Suddenly he was described as acting “presidential”!


There was an article in Huff Post several days ago with a headline asking: “Can Congress Steer the U.S Away from War with Iran?”  I think the short answer to this question is no.   Too many members of the US Congress have stuffed their pockets with too many Saudi Arabian Petro dollars.  Not to mention the massive amounts of dollars from the Israeli lobby for the American politicians election campaigns. But why do Saudi Arabia and the Israeli Lobby give so much money to American politicians?  One of the main drivers is religion.  Wahhabism is Saudi Arabia’s dominant faith; an extreme form of Islam that believes in beheadings and chopping people up who displease the princes. Some under-performers even receive something special, an actual crucifixion.  The Saudis want to spread their gospel which is that anyone not practicing Wahhabism is an infidel and must eventually be put to death.  A gruesome one, too.  All of their deaths as punishment are gruesome. Iran, besides refuting the bloody awful Saudi interpretation of Islam, is much hated by the Saudis because Iran supports Hezbollah.   Hezbollah, in turn, supports the Palestinians.  


The Israeli lobby also hates the Palestinians.  They simply want the Palestinians to disappear and they do everything possible toward this end (blockades, open air prisons, live ammunition for protestors, etc.).  The Israeli lobby spreads dreams of Zion among the US Congress while generously sweetening the politician’s dreams of re-election with lots of cash for “the coalition of the willing”.  Which follows of course, the Biblical promise of returning the Jews to Jerusalem.  And to all of Palestine, evidentially.  No Biblical provisions for the Palestinians.  This means of course that Jews must be the chosen people of God.   So anything that refutes the Biblical, like Hezbollah, is on their list of actors the Israeli government want disappeared.  And Hezbollah doesn’t like the changes being made by the Israeli government. At the end of World War Two the land that the Israelis received turned out not to be enough for them.  So they started slicing off what was left for the Palestinians by sending Jewish settlers to chase the Palestinians out and build new Jewish settlements.  They call it “mowing the grass” when they feel they have to start shooting Palestinians with guns, missiles and bombs when they try to fight back. In my opinion, Saudi actions and those of Israel, always led by the US military corporate structure, have contributed more to the general cruelty inflicting the world today than anything else.   


For instance, to combat public unease about US drone strikes, the American drone masters have come up with a more accurate weapon that won’t take out entire wedding parties when they are just after one guy.  They are called NINJA bombs.  It’s a drone with long whirling blades that shred a targeted person into ribbons of flesh.  Isn’t that wonderful!  The NINJA’s are already in use.  And those who witness such an attack , especially children, will be left so damaged in so many ways, so filled with hatred for the Western world, that they will seek such revenge that  we cannot image.  So let us Canadians be proud of our Green Party, a political party that is already anti-war and searching for peace. Does this writing mean I think we are doomed to a war in Iran?  No, but avoiding this unspeakable scenario won’t be due the wisdom of the US congress.  It will be, if this occurs, due to other world actors.  Next time.    


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