Monday, May 06, 2019

The defeat of US war hawks in Venezuela

John Bolton, who acts as chief adviser to the president, did not get his way with President Trump, at least last week.  It seems that the  Vice Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of  Staff Gen. Paul Selva, turned thumbs down on Bolton’s heart felt desire to invade Venezuela and conquer the stubborn Maduro with guns blazing, whether by US forcers or simply hiring  mercenaries to do the job (the US has hired mercenaries’ before in its never ending wars).  So it was a real treat to hear the top honcho of the American military say, more or less, that this was a stupid idea.  Selva himself framed it differently according to reports by the Washington Post that appeared thusly:  “…Selva reportedly felt that the Bolton staffs confrontational style was “out of line” with a senior administration official saying that the Bolton staffers were dissatisfied over Selva’s failure to present sufficient military options” (Sputnik International 02.05 2019).


Is this just a difference of opinion between the Pentagon and the war hawks? Or extremely poor intelligence from the CIA? I don’t think so.  Although it does seem strange to say anything good at all about the Pentagon, I thank good earth vibes that Gen. Selva has enough sense, or sense of self preservation, and national preservation, to realize that invading Venezuela militarily would probably evoke World War Three.  Russia has investments in Venezuela that she is not going to let go and she also knows that if the US war haws win in Venezuela the next invasion will be Iran (maybe after they have knocked off Cuba first, a small matter) on their agenda.  Of course by that time these dumbest of dumb people think Russia will be so scared they will capitulate and forget all about dumping the American Petro dollar and starting their own banking system.  The same way Venezuela was supposed to forget all about the Bolivarian Revolution and rush to give America who is the Good, and the Home of the Brave, their oil fields. 


Instead, in spite of all of Bolton and crew’s efforts to get the invasion of Venezuela going as soon as possible, aided by most of US Congress urging the invasion on, Trump got on the phone last week and called Putin.  Oh, horror!  The president of the US making direct phone contact and actually discussing how both nations could maybe, just maybe, sort of, kind of, well, just perhaps, ease out of the dangers of an open military confrontation between the two nuclear powers.!  And maybe forget either one of them ever heard of Juan Guaido and his self-proclamation as the true president of Venezuela.  But what might happen to the military industrial complex if such an agreement might take place between Trump and Putin? Might that affect all of future missing trillions of tax payers dollars by the Pentagon go awry if some of the regime changes stumbled and maybe stopped altogether? Those trillions of tax payer’s dollars that the Pentagon can’t find?  Where would most congress members get a whole lot of their money to stage their lying-to-the-public campaigns if regime change got seriously bogged down.  After all, the Israeli lobby can’t supply all of their pay-off money.  No, a mutual decision to leave the Venezuelans to chart their own course just can’t be allowed to happen, damnmit! The US Democrats (and some Republicans) will have a complete melt-down. 


 But I think it is happening.  But still…if Maduro hangs on and Trump wants a way out and is cautious about blowing up the world, what about all those other countries that so eagerly accepted Juan Guaido as president of Venezuela?  What about Canada?  What about our so self-righteous Foreign Minister  who was, as a member of the LIMA group, so anxious that we understand that the Venezuelan children  be rescued, while she approved more sanction against the same Venezuela children she claims to be so concerned about.  But why is she so ignorant of the nature of the Bolivarian Revolution?  A bit of study might have made her somewhat hesitant to eagerly embrace the idea of regime change on the majority who live in Venezuela. And Justin Trudeau.  What does this say about him?  And why did he and Freeland even think of joining a group of extreme right wing Latin American countries (the LIMA group) who have had their own tries for independence from US rulers eaten out of their innards by Petro dollars and the corruption that brings.     Next time.

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